New Experiences . . .

In January I continued an annual tradition and posted my 2016 public objectives. MOST years this act (just posting them) makes me more accountable and more successful. On average I meet or exceed 75% of my public objectives (and do even better on my private ones).

That said THIS year has been, with nearly 39% burnt, has not been my traditional/normal year. I was not really ready for the objectives I set and I was not really willing to do the proverbial work. I started strong in January but February and March were  not exactly focused. APRIL has been much better. I'll start updating my status again with the MAY status (in early June) but there is ONE objective that I'm doing fine with - likely because it is escapism and self-distraction at its finest. Yep. The ONLY objective I am truly ahead on in a proud, loud way is "new experiences".

Here, without context or elaboration, are the seventeen "new experiences" I've already had in 2016.
  1. Wrote and published erotic fiction
  2. Had a drink in a hotel bar while chatting with strangers
  3. REALLY considered a career change
  4. Ate lunch in a sit down restaurant, alone. No book, no phone, no distractions
  5. Wrote and published poetry
  6. Posted a "casual encounter" on Craig's List (that Debash responded to - relax)
  7. Bet $100 on "black" (Wesley Snipes says you should always do that) and won
  8. Tried to explain the irrational fear of transgendered people in public bathrooms to a child
  9. Learned to say quinoa - six years after starting the effort
  10. Left a secret in a "Post Secret" book
  11. Had a conversation with an unironic Trump supporter without laughing or eye rolling - learned a few things along the way
  12. Tried Diet Sierra Mist - NEVER doing that again
  13. Spent thirty minutes reading content on a white supremacist website
  14. Spent twenty minutes looking at my various retirement and savings accounts trying to understand them (yep, I made it longer reading racist filth than reviewing financials)
  15. Started taking medication to stay in my happy place - something long overdue
  16. Read a book on chess (I still can't really play but I get the strategy much, much better)
  17. Booked a surprise weekend trip without any discussion with my fellow travelers
I owe my objective list 19 more but hope to far exceed it. The rest of my list should be jealous of how much I'm enjoying this one.