Lemonade . . .

I'm not sure if you've heard this or not but apparently Beyonce Knowles released some new music this weekend. I say "apparently" because it is alllllll the social media world can talk about (and will likely be talking about for at least the next 96 - 120 hours (social media attention span, and all)).

I've never minced words on my feeling for Beyonce. Sure, sure . . . she's never considered me her "target" but I've always been so bold as to question her talent and ability. I'm lazy in this but I have always thought her more a vocalist who moans and groans and juts out her hips while wearing the label "feminist" and telling other women to "bow down, bitches" in the same lyric.

I'm here to (sorta) apologize. From the bold, amazing, and hypnotic "Formation" (which was truly lovely and made me realize that perhaps I've just never understood) to the ABSURD reaction to her Super Bowl performance (which was billed as a Coldplay performance until she walked up the field) to the very, very bold "Lemonade" and all that it does and does NOT say, to the maturity and grace of an artist willing to potentially expose all the cracks in her marriage and (until now presumed) perfect life only to end with the assertion (I've not watched/listened to the piece so I'm going on reviews and summaries) that these things ARE life. Things ARE like this. They WILL BE like this.

Let's presume Lemonade is really about life giving you lemons and you doing the best you can with them. Maybe it is about the need to balance water, lemon juice, and sugar to walk the line between the base of life (water), and lemon (the sour and tart) and sugar (the sweet and desired). Maybe it is just about yellow and how great she looks in the color as she breaks every window in sight. Only Beyonce knows.

But here's what I know (from the extensive coverage of and thought pieces on "Lemonade" - including one about the statements made by her hair) . . . this is not something we're supposed to just "understand" and we can presume, like the nearly 19 years since Beyonce, then the centerpiece of Destiny's Child, became famous - that we'll never really understand her or get to know what her private life is actually "like" or what it "means".

When you're one of the richest people in the world, and your husband is one of the richest people in the world, and people just being in your gravity can make them more rich and famous (which, of course, leads to illuminati conspiracies (y'all are corny with that sh*t, Beyonce wants you to know) and other equally absurd reaction) you don't have to share who you really are or what you really mean. It is simply enough to pick and chose what to expose and how to expose it. And the people will go crazy.

Lemons, lemonade. Long live this version of Beyonce. Long live the (presumed) flawed marriage of Jay-Z and Beyonce. Long live Blue Ivy and her flawed, mortal parents (rich as they may be). Long live intrigue and fixation. Long live the pop culture icon that can spur a million rumors with the lyrics "Becky with the good hair". Long live the political and deeper intentions of Lemonade that got lost in the fixation of a private life and marriage. Long live the beyhive. Long live lemonade.