For Sale . . .

I'm spending sooooo much time online lately looking at random crap and trying to pretend I'm artsy. I'm not. Okay, fine, I AM but only in very specific ways that have nothing to do with the sort of arts and craftism I need to be in this hour of need. You know who IS crafty? The folks on etsy.

I mean there are MILLIONS of great things for sale on that site - many of which are homemade and I love them all. They are either really charming, unbelievably dreadful, or a combination of the two. Here are ten things that made me super, super happy.
  1. The Uterus Skirt - Yep. EXACTLY what it sounds like, complete with pocket. I love it.
  2. Spray the Bitch Away - I never knew "the change" was so easy to manage.
  3. Nearly 650 Pieces of Shoulder Jewelry - I never knew this was even a thing much less such a thing.
  4. Adult Fairy Wings - No. No. I. Said. Nooooo.
  5. Glass Sex Toys - Hundreds of shops dedicated to temperature responsive pleasure sticks.
  6. $330 Salad Bowls - And - if I'm being honest - I think it is worth every penny. So good.
  7. Custom Puppets - Creepy just got a hand up its butt.
  8. Swizzle Sticks - Now make me a whiskey sour and say something tawdry.
  9. Wait . . . WHAT? - If there IS a market for this trinket of movies passed . . . don't tell me.
  10. Stuff From My Childhood - I just called my mother and told her she can get $100 for this.