Leap Year . . .

Any good scientist (who isn't so naive as to believe that the world is round) can tell you that today isn't so much "special" or "magical" or "different" as it is overdue and needed. In reality our clocks, calendars, and societies NEED Leap Years to stay normal.

You see no matter how much we try to "control" things with our special ideas on time and space we're not actually in "control". We're just sorta trying to stay on top of it. We can and do cram alllll the stuff and appointments and wants and needs into the day and we force the day to last "exactly" 24 hours and have "exactly" 365 days per year. At least now - at one point there were only 360 days in a year and each month had exactly 30 days.

So we take/use that time because we know we have "exactly" this much time so then we presume to do these things because our earth moves in such a way that we rotate "exactly" once every 24 hours and we move around the sun "exactly" once every 365 days.

But we do NOT. We're off by seconds on the rotation (you can scoff at seconds but think about how many car crashes, world records, and other feats of strength, science, and physics are made or broke by a thousandth of a second (or less) and then push that against every day of every year. HUGE things can and do happen in said discrepancies. And the spinning around part? NOT exactly ANYTHING . . . once every 365.2422 days (we're STILL not actually "fixing" it with this extra day every four years).

Who knows - by the time our children's children's children inherit the earth (the flooded, hot disaster it will be) they might decide to add another day to every few years or even another few hours to every year or a few minutes to every day . . . or whatever they might want or need to do feel more in control. But it won't be enough and it won't be right. It'll just be another attempt to fudge the world and control and own it.

So enjoy your quadrennial attempt to remedy the world spinning ever-more out of control. Maybe by 2020 we'll be better prepared for these 24 hours.