Kansas Schools . . .

I refuse to pretend like I'm not TERRIFIED for the future of the state of Kansas. No, no. NOT hyperbole . . . actual fear and terror. Because we're not only making "penny" foolish decisions today on things like how to increase the insured among us or to not rebuild our infrastructure, grow our communities, add real/meaningful jobs and careers, and making everyone feel equal and included (sorry women, Syrians, and those who don't want to just carry guns all day, every day but we're making DOLLAR foolish decisions by screwing (figuratively) our future by screwing (figuratively) our children.

Think this one through, Governor Brownback and your dummy ilk in the Legislature . . .

  • When you refuse to fund our schools at a bare-minimum per pupil standard;
  • When you try to consolidate schools so that it can be 50 or 60 miles from one edge of the district to the other (and hundreds of square miles covered altogether);
  • When you confuse the "savings" of underfunding and over clumping our schools (wow - a potential $100MM/year in savings (but the multi-million annual state legal budget for Kris Kobach's pet projects and senseless endeavors is protected);
  • When you face down an actual school shut down with just an obnoxious, stubborn Governor and an incapable legislature (and $200MM deficit and nowhere to find the $73MM needed to properly fund schools) in the way;
  • When you . . . 
You see my point. But here is the thing, fellow Kansans - there is NOTHING more important for us and our shared future than schools. We must keep them OPEN. We must keep them FUNDED. We must attract and retain great teachers. We must attract, retain, and empower great students. We must have schools that employees and employers want to stick around Kansas for. We must have schools so poor kids can escape the chaos and mess at home for a few hours a day a few days a week. We must have schools to inspire and motivate and excite our children so they might find their passions and be their best. We must have schools for social and cultural reasons. We must have schools so that the system "works".

If we don't have schools that welcome and enrich kids, if we don't have great teachers to guide and mold and motivate them, if we don't have programs and options that entice and delight kids, if we don't have these facilities and professionals and programs that keep employers and employees here, if we don't have all these things we don't get the next generation of jobs and professionals so we don't get taxes and we don't have homeowners and we don't have happy, healthy people, and we can't keep the state moving and growing and being happy and healthy.

We cannot do anything if we don't educate and empower our future. PLEASE get your stuff together, Governor and Legislature (and the voters that keep them in place) and put the right emphasis on our schools and put the right funding behind them.