Graphic Novels . . .

A few months ago I told you about my daughter's love for comics/graphic novels and how I was dipping a toe in the ink pools and was going to give them a shot.

Well, kids, the ink is just fine and I'm neck deep. I've started reading a handful of "books" (I'm an insider now, I have a pull list, I'll say what I want) and, so far, they are wonderful and fun and engaging and charming.

While I'm still not "big" on the superheroes and action figures and all that stuff I do appreciate the art and story telling and beauty - but will point out four of the five below are "optioned" for movies. Ugh.

Anywho - here are a few books (and you'll notice I'm essentially obsessed with Image - probably because my friendly, courteous, informed, and wonderful local comic book store's staff are feeding my beast based on what I tell them I like) that you might check out if you're also curious about these things the smart love and the movie studios keep bastardizing:

5) The Wicked + The Divine - Every 90 years some Gods are made human and are forced to suffer the slings and arrows of mortality but only for two years . . . and then they die. It is a complicated trick to tell the story of these idols made one of us - but not for long.

4) The Fade Out - If Raymond Chandler decided to write pithy dialogue with pretty pictures instead of long, pulpy noir novels he might have come up with this series about 1940s Hollywood and all the dark stuff that (might have) happened there.

3) Chrononauts - Two brilliant scientists/best friends figure out how to jump the space, time continuum. Will they use it for "good" or for "evil" (selfish pursuits)? Yes. Yes they will.

2) Saga - If Archer and Lana had a baby and were on the interstellar run you'd see what this book is about. I'm obsessed with this tale of forbidden love, overlapping story lines, and profanity filled, humor.

1) Huck - It started out strong and has gotten better. Four issues in and I'm counting the DAYS until number five arrives.

Honorable mentions to Chew, Lumberjanes (which is more "for" my daughter but I'm really enjoying these young ladies), Twilight Children (I just have one issue of this one but I'm in to it), Grayson (again - just started it and may be opening up to superheroes et al), and Stuck Rubber Baby (dark, sad, but oddly loving).