Culture Shock . . .

This won't be nearly as memorable as when he was Tweeting/DMing pictures of his Anthony Jr. (which was not overly "junior", for the record) but a few years ago when Anthony Weiner was running for mayor of New York City he got in an argument, with a Jew, in a Jewish bakery on the eve of the High Holy Days/Mayoral primary.

The press (sorta) ate it up. Of course everyone had a bent on it but the key takeaways were that the guy seemed to be making a moral statement around marriage and fidelity so why did the former Congressman blanch? Because the guy was also being a goon around the religion and background of Weiner's wife (he dismissed her as an "Arab" (Huma Abedin is Hillary's Clinton's "right hand" and all around bad ass. Her parents (father and mother are both Muslim - it could be presumed she is, too)).

I relive this incident because it is another example of something that happens in places OTHER than Kansas. Kansas is not a place where our religions, our ethics/morals, and our politics motivate us to yell at people in public but when you're not "here" (and are, by extension, "there"). "We" don't do that "here" but "they" do that "there". Make sense?

A better example . . . I pulled into a gas station parking in the DC-suburbs last Sunday to put some air in my rental car's soft, front tire. I pulled up to the air machine (which is generally free here) and it said "See Attendant for Help" so I walked in to the gas station and was greeted to the sounds of yelling between a customer and an employee. It seems the customer wanted to get gas and he felt the prices were unduly high. As we ALL know the best way to protest the pricing model of gasoline is to yell at an hourly employee at a gas station on a Sunday morning so this guy was letting the employee have it. Profanity. Arm swinging. The whole thing.

THIS was decidedly "un-Kansas" (truth be told I wouldn't have done this even when I did live "there" because, well, I'm certain I would be SHOT if I did). Know what else is "un-Kansas"? The employee YELLING back.

Now I don't know how long this was going on but when I walked it it seemed early in the game. The guy was yelling and swearing and the employee barked "You get the f*ck out of here, mother f*cker. You get your f*cking gas at some other f*cking place. If you don't like their prices you take your *ss to another place and another place until you run out of f*cking gas realizing none of us have gas for that price and we're not f*cking going to. Then you'll have no gas, no d*ck (that part made me laugh), and no f*cking brains in your sh*t-filled head. F*ck you."

So they yell for another minute. The guy storms out. I walk up with my sugar free Slurpee (TM abuse in tow - this was an off-brand) and calmly ask "The sign on the air machine says to see you for help filling tires. What's up?" The guy calmly responds "It is out of order. Sorry."

THAT was very Kansan of both of us. THAT is how "it" happens "here".