Songs I Am Not Ashamed to Love . . .

The kid and I were on the way to the grocery store on Sunday (we live a very full and exciting life, folks) and it was requested that we not listen to KMUW (there are a few weekend shows we're not crazy about) so I fired up my (or should I say OUR (that's right, suhn - all three of us share THIS account) Google Play Music All Access Family Plan (still the WORST name in streaming services) and started breaking out the JAMS. And the kid knocked them down one after another.

I tried to explain to her that life is short and things change (what are the odds there are any "forever" hits in the Taylor Swift catalog (serious question for you to ponder)) and that music today is not at its best. She disagreed (a pattern I anticipate will last until her contrarianism actually kills me) and I pushed on.

Here, dear reader, are the top ten songs I want my kid to love because I love them. And then I realized I don't care who loves them because I love them. I love them. I. Love. Them.

10) "Back For Good" by Take That - A bunch of model-pretty men with hair too good to be actually rained on while they "sing in the rain"? The notion of just accepting full blame for all problems? What's not to love? This time, it is forever.

9) "One More Try" by George Michael - Let me make sure I understand . . . there is a teacher that was teaching things that he doesn't want to learn and the previous (teacher?) made him cry so he won't learn to do the thing he won't do (hold you, touch you, think your his). I'm confused. And that is okay.

8) "Everything I Own" by Bread - I'll cry if I even try to explain this one to you. I want to love anything as much as these fellas love this mystery person. Or be so loved. Or something like that.

7) "Umbrella" by Rihanna feat. Jay-Z - Before the world saw her as the victim of domestic abuse we saw her as a joyful young woman with chords for the ages. I don't know anything more recent from this pop ingenue but this song is enough. Don't even get me started on the Travis Barker remix.

6) "Set Adrift on Memory's Bliss" by PM Dawn - Christina Applegate, you've gotta put me on. Or something like that. Come on, man. Two brothers rapping about Jesus in a string of pop hits in the early/mid-90s? You gotta love the hustle and put the piece of the cake back on.

5) "2 Become 1" by the Spice Girls - I'm not saying I'm going to explain this song to my nine-year-old (because it is, candidly, inexplicable) but there this song was just so sticky sweet (so much so that the one Spice Girl only sings on the chorus - she was clearly not having it) in its commitment to commitment and physical sharing. Super rapey if it were men singing it but, hey, let's go with it.

4) "One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men - When I die you can put me in a plastic bag and drop me at the side of Kellogg Ave. but be sure this song is blaring on your car stereo as you pull away. You owe me that much.

3) "Come to Me (Peace)" by Mary J. Blige - I have blogged about this song many times. NO ONE likes it but me and that makes it better. When you all are ready come to me - I'll restore your freedom.

2) "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton - You never forget the song that was playing the first time you hit a hole-in-one on Tiger Woods PGA Tour on the PS2. Or at least I'll never forget.

1) "Yellow" by Coldplay - They are going to play the Super Bowl in two weeks and I am willing to bet this song will show up and I think that is wonderful because this song is stellar and the live version of it is even stellarer. Coldplay is the Fast & Furious of pop music . . . "no one" likes them but they are billionaires and have more record sales and awards than just about everyone. Suck it, critics.