SLF Becomes Debash . . .

So I'm going to continue to keep the identity of my betrothed a (relative) secret but I'm also going to stop calling her "SLF" on the blog.

Henceforth she shall be known as "Unmitigatedness" . . . too long. "Zaftiginy"? Too private. "Sweetness"? Too adolescent. "Dumpster Fire"? Too far. "Beloved"? Too Oprah.

Debash. Let's go with debash. As in Yiddish for honey and not in the "pet-name/crass man to 'stewardess' in 1970s flight" way but in the literally way as in "sweet and sacred gift that sustains and allows growth and blossoming". Yep. SLF just became Debash. Publicly.

It only seems right that the woman I plan/hope/should/would like to/have agreed to/am committed to/am lucky to spend the rest of my life with have a nickname befitting just how much she means to me.

That and "Ol' Girl" was overruled.