Rant List . . .

It has been entirely too long since I just posted a list of ten things that I'm currently upset about (if for no other reason than me being me).

That can't be right. The WORLD "needs" (sarcasm) to know what is on my mind now that 2016 has really gotten under way (we're like 4% done with it already) so I can now "safely" say (if this year were a kid it would, statistically, be walking and feeding itself cigarette butts by now) what upsets me and feel good about being justified in that self-induced torment.

You'll note some of this stuff never changes and none of it makes any sense yet - here I am - upset about nothing.

  1. KU Jayhawk Basketball - Eking out wins, losing big, making excuses. I've lived in Kansas nine nearly nine years. I've got enough time served to declare them overrated and their fans abhorrable.
  2. Donald Trump - Enough already. I'm really, truly over it and it is not funny anymore and now he's flying in Alaska's Greatest Idiot to join his circus of self-focused foolery and the media is, of course, eating it up. Where have all the "good" Republican candidates gone?
  3. Gluten "Allergies" - I've been seeing and reading more and more about restaurants and food service organizations going out of business and/or being jammed up by everyone's favorite non-allergy. If you really are allergic, bless you. If you are not just admit it is a personal preference and stop implying the world owes you every food you've ever loved without the best part of said food.
  4. Closet Alcoholics - Yeah. This one seems out of left field for me, too. But I've gotta' say that if you're too proud to realize you have an issue and/or think you're too smart and cunning for the rest of us to know you realize you have an issue you should sober up long enough to start to sober up.
  5. Wedding Planning - Yeah. I said it. I am sure it will all be fine but nothing points to personality differences more than trying to walk the fine line between something "just for the two of you" and making sure no one you've ever known feels disrespected in the process. We're equally guilty and there is no trouble at home but I can't wait to wake up the morning after.
  6. In-Freezer Ice Machines that Spill Cubes Around Inside the Freezer - You know why. You know . . . 
  7. Muscles - When you're trying to find them under layers of fat and then inspire them back to life they really, really hate you. Like a teenager having their bedspread pulled off them at 6 AM on a Saturday. Only worse.
  8. Cheese - I wish I could quit you.
  9. Adult Drama - We're all adults, right? So why do we still snip at each other and gossip about each other and stir the pot for the sake of keeping the pot stirred with each other? C'bawn.
  10. Speculum - The word more than what it is used for (doesn't involve me much). Annoying.