Parents . . .

Well, the parents made their annual pilgrimage to the midwestern Mecca (aka Wichita) and they are just hours away from wrapping up 21 days in the Wichi-Wichi.

Much like with last year there was a lot of excitement and a lot of anxiety (it is me, not them - grocery shopping makes me anxious, paying for groceries makes me anxious, eating groceries makes me anxious, talking about anxiety makes me anxious) and a lot of really great time has been had.

This year - building on last - we not only spent some time with Debash's parents but we met all of her sisters, brothers-in-law (and, seriously, people learn the proper way to pluralize that label and its ilk), nieces, and nephews and saw most of them twice, in some cases thrice. With families to merge later this year it made sense and with all this time to burn it felt like the right thing to do.

We went to MHK, we went to KCK and KCMo. We went to Crown Center. We went a lot of places. We also spent a lot of time around Wichita and enjoying the sites and restaurants and people (my parents also spent three hours looking for the East 13th Avenue Warren (a movie theater six miles (yes - six miles) from our house) but that is a different story for a different day.

For NOW - I'm just glad they came and spent so much time and that we got to enjoy them and they got to enjoy us and their granddaughter. We might not see them again until the fall (our annual summer trip east is in limbo) so to have 21 days to start the year off was perfect. I'll miss them. They might miss me. Time will tell.