Get More Smart . . .

There is a really great quote about delay and urgency that I always repeat to myself when I'm trying to force myself to action. It states, "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."

Nope. Wait. Wrong quote. Let's try this one - "Why put off for tomorrow what you can do today?" Yeah. Better.

Here, appetite aside, is the reason for this quote making an appearance on the blog so early on a Monday morning - we put off too much in this life and ONE of the things we most easily (in what can only be considered CLASSIC misuse of the word "irony" which will be appropriate considering what I'm about to say plays back to abuse of the word "irony") is learning stuff and challenging our brain.

I DO mean things like another language or how to properly spatchcock poultry (that IS as dirty as it sounds) or the difference between traditional and classical design or how music written in 2016 is still considered "classical" (or "traditional").

I ALSO (more importantly) mean things like how laws are written, discussed, voted on, approved, confirmed, enacted, enforced, appealed, upheld, revised, or whatever combination or twist on the above comes along. I can also mean this in the context of what a candidate means vs. what they say and who they are vs. what they stand for. I could also mean this as relates to the Jewish, Christian, or Muslim "G-d" (spoiler alert - they are all, technically, the "same"). I could mean it in the context of wine and beer (what is a malbec, anyway?). I might even mean it in relation to your kid and what they are in to and what they watch, read, listen to, and enjoy. Maybe - just maybe - I mean all of the above and more.

Get more smart, people. The world NEEDS you to.

But, seriously, we should go get some burgers and put it on the tab for at least 24 hours.