Business Cards . . .

I remember - wayyyyy back in 1998, following a five-month internship - when my boss made me full time, made me earn my first paycheck and THEN ordered me my first-ever box of business cards.

To be clear there was a typo (my email address was wrong) and there were a few formatting errors (irregular kerning) but none of that mattered (once I accepted they were not perfect) because, frankly, they were MINE and I had "arrived". From that moment forward I would be able to confidently greet any business colleague or peer with not only a winning smile and a confident handshake but a piece of heavy, heavy paper in my hand with alllllll my vital details for them to consider and pour over and then take back and type in to their fledgling Microsoft Outlook contact book. It was magical and I was a sorcerer.

Fast forward 18 years - yes I had a realization earlier this week that my professional life is now old enough to vote, buy cigarettes, get drafted, and click "enter" on porn sites - and I'm still getting boxes of business cards (between running out of them, a company name change, a title change, and a re-positioning of our company I've had FOUR boxes handed to me this year) but I'm not sure why.

I don't ever pass by a Chipotle, Jason's Deli, Subway, or whatever-other-place without dropping one in the fishbowl hoping to win free lunch for me and my two friends. I use them to clean the gunk out of my keyboard (I eat breakfast, lunch, and many snacks at my desk). I have handed out at least eleven of the 1,000 ordered for actual business purposes. I carry them with me at all times (wallet, laptop bag, carry-on bag, etc.). I get why they are still a "thing" but the thrill is largely gone.

But there is an upside - of the many, many things I do at work I manage business cards for colleagues and others in the field. We're a growing, happy, healthy company so I do a LOT of this "managing" and I can tell you that I still, at least once a month or so, get a chance to witness the thrill and glee of a person getting either their first-ever box of cards or a box of cards that ties them to a job they love.

That's something, right?