2016 Goals and Objectives . . .

I spent last year sharing my progress (or lack of) against my stated (public) objectives for 2015. I did better, believe it or not, against my private goals and objectives. I've sat and stewed and pondered extensively about how to best-handle 2016 and I've set my most ambitious AND extensive goals and objectives (private and public) ever. I keep all the really good stuff private but below are some public things that we can all share in (and by that I mean I welcome your happy thoughts and encouragement).


  1. Be Prepared to Be Married
  2. Eliminate Social Media "Noise"
  3. Become a "Better" Father and Partner to the Women Central to My Life
  4. Eat a Healthier, More-Diverse Collection of Foods
  5. Get More Politically Active
  6. Become a "Better" Jew


  1. Exercise +5 Hours/Week
  2. Read 24 Books
  3. Lose 84 Pounds
  4. Stream -10 Hours/Week
  5. Release 24 Podcasts (Episodes)
  6. Learn +10 Hours/Week 
  7. Sleep +7 Hours/Night
  8. Have 36 New "Experiences"
  9. Spend +5 Quality Hours/Week "Alone"
  10. Have 24 "Date Nights"


I won't make this part of my regular, monthly updates (and likely won't include the "goals" either (since those are more difficult to prove against or even validate) but I wanted to provide some insight in to what the above mean (when not entirely obvious). These are as much notes for me as anyone else.

  1. Getting married is about planning and shoe rental but it is also about finances and updating wills and revising mindsets and ensuring you're fully ready for a partnership. I failed at this during my first attempt. I won't repeat that error.
  2. I may, well, QUIT Twitter and Facebook this year (for personal use) but if I stick around I'm going to stop just barking and making noise and listening to noise. It doesn't help anyone.
  3. I'm okay but I can and should be better (see not above) and, like I did in 2015 in my private goals/objectives, will continue to dedicate time and energy to it.
  4. There is a new theme emerging in my my research on being healthy and not constantly using the word diet . . . eat better and more diverse foods. Seems so simple, right?
  5. I talk a lot of crap about politics in Kansas. Time to DO something about it.
  6. Before, during, and immediately after my conversion I was fully dedicated to my Judaism. I still go to services every Friday I can and I am an active and engaged Jew but my learning, now, is more about momentum and trivia and anecdotal insights. I want to rededicate myself to being a really, truly, fully, BETTER Jew.
  1. Seems obvious enough but I will NOT be running (by way of training for half marathons, etc.) this year so it will require more diversity in my routines and exercises and how I approach this challenge. I anticipate raising the weekly bar by March but want to start low.
  2. Obvious enough. Comic books (other than multi-hundred page graphic novels) and books with my daughter (unless we raise our bar) won't count. The link above takes you to my Good Reads reading list for the year
  3. 12 lbs/month. I pound every 2.5 days. Seems totally doable, right?
  4. The BIGGEST time suck in my life is my Roku, laptop, tablet, and smartphone and all the streaming services and video options I have. I'm trimming that fat back to focus more on quality than quantity.
  5. We're doing this. More details coming soon.
  6. I am going to get smarter this year. Stretch my brain with religion, politics, mathematics, arts and crafts, music, and maybe some other stuff. Time will tell but I'm going to shift screen time to smarts time.
  7. Another huge trend in my research around becoming a healthier, happier person? Sleep more. I currently average around 6.33 hours/night. To find another hour of the day to do nothing should be simple enough - especially with less streaming and social media noise, etc.
  8. This one is sorta vague on purpose. I'll say this - I'm positioning an "experience" as something I have not done before but have wanted to and/or said I never would. 
  9. We, as 21st century middle aged professionals, spend very, very little time alone doing anything other than commuting, sleeping, or engaged in personal hygiene. I, for one, am going to start by tracking my own alone time and then, likely, adding to it. This will be my archery time, or my thinking and blogging and creating time. This will not be my reading time, etc.
  10. Obvious enough but something I've gotten lazy about. I do a little better with my future wife (we might have a "date" every four or five weeks) but I want to make that more common (a dozen at minimum) and resume having them with my daughter.