2015 Objectives (Update 12/Final Update) . . .

"They" say that if you want to reach your goals - you should share them and your progress. Soooooo . . . here's the year-end summary . . . 6 YES, 4 No. That is the simple majority and proof that goals and objectives are hard (I just had to read a little more and register for a class to get to 8:10 and if I had put the fork down and run a little harder I could have gotten to all ten.). Here we are, though. Year over and life lived.

  1. Read 24 (or more) books (for ME - reading with my daughter doesn't count). MISSED. 22.5 finished. I came close. I'll be better in 2016.
  2. Run 10 miles/week (on average). Yes. That is 520 miles (or more) in 2015. CRUSHED. 15.6 miles/week. (811 total miles on the year. I ran 0.000000 feet in December.)
  3. Finish a half marathon in under three hours (as many tries at it takes). MISSED.
  4. Lose 100 Pounds. That's right. Get. Less. Fat. MISSED. I can't even talk about my weight at this point. Sad, sad state of affairs.
  5. Reduce wasteful spending by 10% (this is actually more about not growing my spending - I'm pretty friggin' frugal now). CRUSHED. Reduced overall spending by 28% year-to-date. I'm calling this one a victory. 
  6. Increase savings contributions by 12.5% (I've been pretty minimal on this one lately - time to grow my future). Updated 401K, IRA, 529, Investments, and Insurance products by 113%.
  7. Earn college credits (I'm going back to school, one way or another) in 2015. MISSED. Not, gunnnnn do it.
  8. Reduce social media time by 25% (10 minutes/day or less). CRUSHED.  December was also rough. Politics and end-of-year lists, etc. had me distracted. Luckily I was (generally) strong January - October which let me finish at 6:15/day for the year.
  9. General Nutrition. SUCCESS. Since this was never quantified I'm going to declare it a "win" because I took it seriously and improved around it.
  10. Food Diversity. SUCCESS. I've opened this one up quite a bit and am getting better and making a plan for 2016.