Sean's Top 10 "Heynows" of the Moment . . .

An annual tradition - both in terms of this list and the annual trend to burn the latter part of December with posts about lists and lists about stuff and stuff about posts (completing the circle) the "Top 10 'Heynows' of the Moment" list has essentially run its proverbial course.

The list started as the mid-30s, newly-separated, lusty yearnings of a man in, well, yearning in 2012. That trend continued - with bigger bosoms and an introduction of some mental crushes in 2013. By 2014 I was living with a woman and, frankly, my yearning was down because - well - cohabitation. I made a man my top "Heynow" and called it a day. So here, dear readers, is the 2015 list fully evolved and void of physical, primal, inappropriate lust . . . for 80% of the list (you decide the last 20%).

Hey - don't judge. We all have room to grow.

10) Hercule Poirot
I am obsessed with Poirot. Not just the fictional detective from many, many an Agatha Christie story but the notion of a man so unsettlingly stuck on who he is, the decorum and expectations that carries, and the awkwardness that puts on the world around him. If you've never watched or read Poirot - remedy that. And love yourself.

9) Joy Williams
Joy Williams, best known as the female half of the now-defunct (to my great sadness) Civil Wars, released "Venus" in 2015. The "poppiest" thing she's done (her early solo work fell under the "Christian" flag and her recent work more country/Americana. The subtle "Perfection is not a real thing. We're all trying to accept the compromise." tone of the album was as enchanting as her voice. My favorite song on the album is "You Loved Me".

8) Shane Koyczan
I've mentioned Koyczan many times on this blog but he is, for those not familiar with all 861 past posts, a Canadian poet/storyteller/verbal artist/fixation. I hated poetry for the first 38 years of my life . . . then liked it for a year. Now I sorta love it. I credit Koyczan. If you're not familiar give this a listen (it still makes me cry, 861 listens later) the furiously Google him and fall into the deep pool of his greatness.

7) Linda Holmes
An annual tradition on this list, Holmes and her Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast colleagues and the larger community of those who write and report on all-things-pop-culture for NPR are the large-biceped bouncers of my emotional night club. Her humor, grace, opinions, and ability to not just talk about pop culture but make it sound important (in a genuine, aware way) is admirable. Love her.

6) Bernie Sanders
Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. I'm feeling the Bern. I'm all in on you. I'm all in on how you're pushing Hillary Clinton, the DNC, the otherwise-disenchanted voters who want something away from politics-as-usual but can't get down with Donald Trump. I don't know how 2016 is going to play out for you but I hope it involves intense discussions on important issues, a better understanding of "socialism" and a Presidential election about real ideas.

5) Marjorie Ingall
A writer (that I first learned of through Tablet), Ingall is also strong with the Twitter, funny on podcasts, and a rather eloquent voice on one of my favorite pet-peeves - empty apologies. I enjoy her and her perspective very much and she, indirectly and probably without intention, has made me a better Jewish parent and Jew. These things are all very much appreciated.

4) Janet Yellen
My daughter insists she looks like a "kind owl" but make no mistake - the Chair of Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board is far more notable than the bird on Drake's sweatshirt. The first-ever woman in her role, the economist has taught, worked with several Presidents (directly and indirectly), and has an ability to make fiscal policy not only relevant but interesting to people like my daughter and me are all important, too. Her recent rate raise is complicated - that she has everyone talking about them is not.

3) Mike Pesca
My top "heynow" last year the podcaster, media personality, and unbelievably bright, funny, and snarky Pesca has taught me more about sports (through "Hang Up and Listen" and his old NPR days) than needed and has delighted and informed me on hundreds of topics with his daily podcast "The Gist". One final reason to love Pesca, he introduced me to one of my other recent obsessions - vexillology.

2) Debra Monk
The lovely Ms. Monk has been on three of the four "Heynow" lists and for very good reason . . . she is an eternal obsession of mine (going back to the 90s when she was the giver of unrequited love for Det. Andy Sipowicz on NYPD Blue). If you're not familiar with her work - shame on you. You can start with the second season of "Mozart in the Jungle" (coming soon to Amazon Prime) and work your way back by way of TV, movies, and Broadway.

1) SLF
It would only be appropriate for me to disclose here that SLF is maybe the ultimate "Heynow" in my life (ALL due respect Debra Monk and Connie Britton). She's been around for three years. She fascinated me from the very first exchange we shared. We dated then we didn't then we dated again. I learned to be comfortable loving her and letting her love me. We've lived together for a year. I can't imagine not having her at this point. So . . . I asked her to be my wife and she said "yes" (foolish, silly, lovable woman) so now I'll have to come up with a new nickname/acronym and be happy with (and because of) her for the rest of my otherwise miserable life.