KMUW . . .

I can't say - often or loudly enough - how very, very important KMUW-FM (89.1, Wichita Public Radio) is to me. It is not "everything" to me (hummus and penny loafers are also in the mix) but it is not far off that slice of the pie.

I wake up with it, I drive to work listening to it, I stream it during the day, I let it guide me home, I turn it on at night while getting ready for bed, and I spend much of the weekend enjoying it while running errands.

The station entertains, educates, and delights me. I consider it a true asset of our community and I, accordingly give it a whopping $25/month - about $300/year. What do I get in return? Countless hours of local, regional, and national content and a stronger, more full brain and perspective.

Think about what you value. Think about why you value it. Think about what it gives back to you - and how much you appreciate that return. Now think about how much those things cost you.

A plate of hummus? $8. A pair of penny loafers? $110. I can eat hummus once. It is gone (quickly) and then I move on. The value is minimal beyond the company I keep when eating it and/or how friggin' delicious it is. I can wear the shoes for about two years (I don't like to get the soles replaced and I like leather soled shoes so they don't last much longer with my wearing frequency) and I can and will enjoy them every day but they are one pair (of the eleven currently on my shoe rack) but once they are done (soles worn through to the size of a dime or larger) I just move on. Replace them with the exact. same. pair.

So how does my $300/year compare to these other things that mean so much to me? It doesn't. Without hummus I'd eat more peanut butter or mozzarella sticks (or both). Without penny loafers I'd go oxfords or tasseled loafers. Without KMUW . . . I'd be lost.

Anywho - the station is having its semi-annual pledge drive THIS WEEK. I'll be on (talking Hanukkah and my love for KMUW) today from 8 - 9 AM CT, 12 - 1 PM CT, and 4 - 5 PM CT. Give a listen. Give a donation. Then let's wear our penny loafers and go get some hummus while we listen to OUR public radio.