Holiday Garb . . .

SLF and I took the kid to see The Nutcracker Saturday night. It was really, truly lovely. I am always really pleased to go see (largely) local talent putting on wonderful productions to packed houses. I've been a fan of The Nutcracker for most of my life. My parents first took me when I was 12 or 13 and I've probably seen it twenty times. My daughter, this being her tenth Christmas, has seen it eight.

The Nutcracker - for me - isn't just the ballet. No-no. It's the FASHION.

This will likely sound like sarcasm (it is not) but I love, love, love holiday garb. The "winter whites" and golds and blacks and reds. The use of plaid. Glittery tops. Grosgrain ribbons on young and old. Shocks of burgundy. Champagne on ice and bodice. Holiday garb makes me happy. It is always so warm (the velvets and tweeds) and fresh (the silvers and whites) and otherwise classic (you can keep your "ironic" holiday sweaters - I want the stuff people wear out of sense of time and place). I like costume jewelry that feels un-garish for this small window of the year.

It got me thinking. WHY do people only wear holiday garb six weeks out of the year? Seriously. You don't see it until the Monday after Thanksgiving and you don't see it after New Year's Morning (or whatever time people rise from their stoopers and change out of the previous night's ensemble). We could easily stretch this out from Halloween to Valentine's Day. Heck . . . Easter if it is a particularly glum winter.  Take me straight from grey flannel pants and a red turtleneck to pastel oxford, button down shirts and chinos. I'm READY.

Please put on some holiday garb in the next few weeks and wear it as long as it feels good.