Cardigans . . .

It is, truly, the most wonderful time of the year. It is time to wear sweaters all day, every day. Work week? Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters, sweaters, sweaters. Then - on the weekend? Sweaters and sweaters. This is how we roll.

But there is some rolling that only a select minority of us - the truly brave and truly confident - do . . . the cardigan?

But why? How can American clothing culture hate two sweaters (the sweater vest has long since been the rented mule of the knitted garment community - but I wear those TOO)? Moreover - how do we hate THESE ones?

Cardigans are the garment of Mr. Rogers. Cardigans are the sweater of clergy. Cardigans are the sweaters of Grandfathers. Cardigans are the warm middle/outer layer of every archetype we once admired and adored in this country. So why can't we borrow against that? Why can't we go into the closet or armoire drawer of the men we once admired and button up for the day? It is cowardice? Is it dis-ease? Is it fear? Is it . . . what is it?

Actually - I don't know if I really care why because, if I'm being honest, I don't care if you want to wear them or not because myself and the rest of the minority . . . we're rolling on without you anyway. Cardigan crew . . . MOUNT UP (but please, please, please don't button the top or buttons on the bottom banding - that's not how it gets done).