Best of 2015 - Favorite Food . . .

Food. It is one of my favorite things in the whole, wide, full, enriched, reduced fat, reduced sugar, omega-3 rich world. I would dare say I'm an "expert" on food or at least a well-versed apprentice to the master.

So you can imagine (if you close your eyes very, very tightly and hold your breath) why this is one my most difficult annual lists . . . favorite food. You will see some classics and some newcomers here. I'm all about exploring the wide, full, etc. etc. etc. world of food.

5) Challah - The traditional bread of a traditional people (or so the legend is told) this braided bread is part of many a Jewish tradition and is celebrated in our home (not nearly often enough). I love it on a bus, on a train, or on the plain in Spain.

4) Salted Eggs and Cheese - My daughter is not a "big" eater (she goes in phases - slow, controversial phases (like global warming)) but I've never offered her eggs with sharp cheddar cheese and a small dash of large crystal Kosher salt and had her rebuff it like so much science and research on our warming planet. My betrothed digs it, too. I dig it. It is breakfast at least one or two days a week . . . and sometimes dinner.

3) Traditional/Chicago/Garrett Mix Popcorn - While only one company (at this point) can call it "Chicago Mix" this blend of cheddar cheese and caramel (crisp) popcorn is perfect for a movie snack, a hostess gift at a dinner party, a nosh during a board game or breakfast. Don't judge me. Don't you judge me.

2) Hummus - I may, occasionally, bump it down the list of favorite foods for any given year but let me speak plainly to these other culinary delights . . . you are temporary. But a phase and fad. A simple infatuation. Hummus, with its chickpea base and perfect complexity will always be the master of my head, heart, and stomach.

1) Mustard Chicken Thighs - I will credit SLF for this one. I am not sure when/where she discovered it but this dish, which we eat far too seldomly, is the evolution of my beloved rotisserie chicken but it isolates out the thigh (which is far, far underappreciated as a part of the American house bird). You can Google hundreds of recipes (that incorporate various other flavors - we like ours slightly herbal in compliment) but our recipe stays with us.