2015 Objectives (Update 11) . . .

"They" say that if you want to reach your goals - you should share them and your progress. Soooooo . . .

  1. Read 24 (or more) books (for ME - reading with my daughter doesn't count). 21.75 finished. I'm not overly optimistic at this point but I'm trying.
  2. Run 10 miles/week (on average). Yes. That is 520 miles (or more) in 2015. 16.8 miles/week (811 total miles on the year due to very little running in November. I'm officially over it.)
  3. Finish a half marathon in under three hours (as many tries at it takes). MISSED
  4. Lose 100 Pounds. That's right. Get. Less. Fat. I can't even talk about my weight at this point. Sad, sad state of affairs.
  5. Reduce wasteful spending by 10% (this is actually more about not growing my spending - I'm pretty friggin' frugal now). Reduced overall spending by 28% year-to-date. I'm calling this one a victory. 
  6. Increase savings contributions by 12.5% (I've been pretty minimal on this one lately - time to grow my future). Updated 401K, IRA, 529, Investments, and Insurance products by 113%.
  7. Earn college credits (I'm going back to school, one way or another) in 2015. Not, gunnnnn do it.
  8. Reduce social media time by 25% (10 minutes/day or less). I'm up on this because of the political debates and my obsession with my Congressman and Governor and the state of politics in America. This might be my downfall. Average time (November) - 9:45/day. Average time (2015, YTD) - 4:33/day.
  9. General Nutrition. Still working on a plan but I'm getting better with this one. I have confidence that 2016 could be a wonderful year in this regard.
  10. Food Diversity. Getting better. Working on a way to track and quantify for 2016.