Paper Cups . . .

Let me make one thing perfectly clear . . . there is nothing Christmas about paper cups. I don't care what color they are or what decorative "flare" they do or don't have. I don't care if snowflakes or Jesus in the manager adorn them. I don't care if they say "Merry Christmas" or not. I don't care how secular our perception of Christmas has become - thanks to the over-marketing and commercialization of the holiday - I am sure that the spirit or meaning or intent of the holiday is not about a cup. It won't be found in, on, or around a paper cup.

I've raged about the "war on Christmas" before (many, many times) and people have often thought I'm somehow speaking from my own religious bent (which is flawed logic - if I were a self-aggrandizing Jew I would want Christmas to be put in a box, with a bow . . . instead I'm equally ragey about THIS and THIS (not because either offends me or my religious persuasion but because they are both stupid things to make and sell tied to the defense and destruction of the temple and one day's worth of oil burning for eight days)).

Alas this is not a religious fight and my rage doesn't come from the cleave between the who, exactly, Jesus was. No, no. My rage is far more sparked by the misguided absurdity of those who believe their faith and belief and adoration for Christ (meant respectfully) and his birth, that he might redeem and save all mankind is in any, any, any way tied to the billions and billions spent in this country every year to celebrate the very, very humble occasion and circumstances of his birth. When did people decide that NOT over-using the holiday and the occasion was somehow an attack on it. When I shared an apartment with three other guys I celebrated every time they left my milk in the fridge. And rued every time they drew dicks on the jug.

I want everyone to love their faith and religion. I want everyone to love culture and whatever part of it they embrace or reject. I want the warm and fuzzies of the secular Christmas to be real for all who feel them. I want both and all of these things. But I want them to be separate and distinct phenomenon - much like paper cups and the reason for the season.