My Hanukkah Wish List . . .

It is "Black Friday" (insert raucous round of applause here). I'm going to work most of today and spend the balance with my recovering squishy face) and dreaming of a more ambitious, money-spending self. While Hanukkah is not the all-encompassing gift bonanza that Christmas commonly is (most American Jews will agree with you that this lesser festival's rising popularity is more about our kids keeping up with the Jones kids than anything else). I do enjoy a nice Hanukkah gift from SLF and my parents (and my intern who is apparently dropping much gelt this year).

To that end, I've put together my eight wishes (one per day) for this Hanukkah. Get out your checkbooks, folks.

1) Purdy Smells - I have stopped wearing fragrances. I'm not sure why I stopped entirely but my body wash, shampoo, and deodorant are all scent free and I don't use any colognes or oils any more. I need to get some of that good stink back in my life. The question is simply where to start.

2) A Dutch Oven - No. Not the type where you pull the blankets real tight and let one rip while your bed mate slumbers . . . the kind you use to cook things inside fires and on hot beds of coal. We're grilling a lot lately and I don't want winter to end that. Cobblers and soups and casseroles, here we come.

3) A Beehive Kit - Colony collapse literally, truly keeps me up (some, rare) nights and I'm not sure if we have enough flowers and other sources of nutrition to keep the little guys happy (we're going to plant a bunch of flowers and plants in the spring) but I have to do something about our bee population. Shhhhh. They are not allowed within city limits.

4) Bow and Many Arrows - I am going to be shooting by early 2016 and have spent way, way too much time picking out my equipment for indoor/outdoor target shooting so I just need to actually, you know, BUY the equipment at this point. And then join the archery club so I can go there and shoot vs. risk killing the neighbor dogs with errant (I SWEAR it was an accident) releases.

5) Chromecast Audio - We own TWO Chromecast units (for the TV) and use them when we can't stream things through our Roku but I love the idea of the audio-only option so I can make my (several) sets of killer speakers easily accessible from anywhere in the house (to be heard throughout the house) from my phone, tablet, or laptop. Genius. And for $35 - cheap genius.

6) Donations - Give to something you care about. I care - a LOT - about my local public radio station and I care about The Arc of Sedgwick County, the local United Way, my congregation, and KPTS so I give money to all of them. You should find something you care about and give to it - in your name or the names of others, It is the gift that keeps on giving.

7) Books - I'm already building out my 2016 reading list (I'm going to get strategic about it vs. letting it fall to my whims upon finishing each book) and I love libraries but hate having to return these things I spent so much time with and I can't read on a tablet so - keep chopping down trees so I might fill my shelves with the good stuff.

8) Podcasting Equipment - I've got plans to, with a friend, go audible in 2016. It will be quite the adventure and I can't wait to get started.

What's on your wish list this holiday season?