Fitness . . .

I have, after a month of thinking about it, researching it, and pondering it (and using said process as an excuse to not just starting DOING it), arrived at a fitness plan that I really think I can follow and make work with my schedule, lack of interest, and dedication to other pursuits like sitting around, eating, Internetting, and planning a fitness regimen.

It is not that I don't want to lose weight and get more fit and build tiny, thin, laughable layers of muscle under my rich, marbled, storied layers of fat. I do. It is not that I don't want to give more time and energy to my body and the vital gift that it is (we only get one of them, friends). I do. It is just that I hate, hate, hate working out. I hate going to the gym where all the thin, spandex, day-glo clad people are. I hate how overwhelming I find all the weight machines and the very, very specific each muscles each one works (this one is for the under third of the left butt cheek, that one for the upper third of the right). I hate the rubberized flooring (roll your eyes all you want but I don't trust flooring built to absorb shock but repel moisture.

But I also hate running and I think running five days a week for ten straight months took its toll on my legs and was not enough for me to embrace enough to battle the bulge. I really, really wish that archery was as good for physical fitness, muscle building (I'm told the forearms get far stronger but if my teen years didn't lead me to toned forearms this will not) and actual exercise. I wish, I wish, I wish. Yet - here I am. With a plan and dedication to make it work because, frankly, I've got some stuff coming up that I need to look vaguely presentable for.

So here - without additional delay - is my plan (I'm publishing it here to hold me more responsible):

DAY 1 (Sunday) - Active play with my daughter or on my one for 90 minutes.

DAY 2 (Monday) - Walk/run (15:00/mile initially) three miles. Five reps of this crazy push up routine (from Men's Health magazine) that features some of these nutso variations on the classic (that I've never been able to do anyway).

DAY 3 (Tuesday) - A group exercise class at the YMCA and thirty minutes of cardio before or after (ability to stand permitting).

DAY 4 (Wednesday) - Swimming. 35 lengths (1/2 mile) - for now. Hopefully growing that number quickly after 15  minutes of stretching/yoga.

DAY 5 (Thursday) - A group exercise class at the YMCA and thirty minutes of weights (10 minutes each on arms, core, and legs).

DAY 6 (Friday) - 45 minute exercise DVD at home.

DAY 7 (Saturday) - Walk/run (15:00/mile initially) four miles. An hour of other exercise (group class, DVD, boot camp, or whatever).

The goal is to spend 60 - 90 minutes every day on exercise. I will likely take at least one day off each week and the Sunday activity/play is designed to be low-intensity and just movement. We'll see how this goes but . . . I have a plan. And the urge to rest.