Cord Cutter . . .

One of the biggest sticking points (not in any way a fight or debate) of SLF and I moving in together was one that most people probably don't even ponder . . . would we have cable or not.

I, as I've long bragged, was a very early adapter of the "Cord Cutter" movement. I stopped watching live cable/television in mid-2010 (about the time, frankly, I moved into the basement (and eventually guest room) of the house I shared with my then-wife. I just decided I didn't "need" it. I read a lot more. I started listening to podcasts. I got a Roku and started streaming everything and I was very, very happy without the hours and hours of zoned out TV watching I was accustomed to. I don't think this makes me a better person - trust me NOTHING can or would or will make me a "better" person (I'm raw evil on legs, folks) - I just thought it made me a more deliberative person. Why? No. More. Commercials.

Despite the hustle I chose to make a living doing, I sorta hate advertising. I only listen to NPR, I can easily flip past ads in the magazines and newspapers I read, I have all-but-tuned-out banner and embedded ads on websites, and I don't really pay much attention to billboards at the side of the road. No reason to. The stuff I want is surrounded by, but not "of" the ads.

SLF agrees - 98% of the time - but then there are sports. You see, much to my great confusion and occasional angst and soul-searching, SLF loves her some things that involve balls (giggle, giggle) and is very loyal to her K-State Wildcats (not an alumn but native of Manhattan, KS), Chiefs (but we don't ever talk about them and the NFL), and Royals. There may be other teams (cricket, rugby, curling, etc.) she loves but I've never bothered to ask.

Now I'm GOOD with my sports watching needs (most of the world's major archery competitions are streamed live for us to enjoy) but she will, on occasion, like EVERY October (lately) when her team is in the World Series (Royals fans go nuts at this talking point). So I do what all good, loving, supportive partners would, could, and should do - I tell her that we can go to a restaurant/bar to watch the game where I can eat fried corn chips and pickle slices and she can get her fix of men grabbing their own junk in pursuit of a trophy they can't actually keep.

I've gotta say . . . as much as I love the fried food and time with squishy face . . . commercials and embedded, paid content have gotten truly horrible. I mean BAD. There are blatant cut-aways to things that are paying to be there, super-imposed ads behind batters, the animated cast of Peanuts singing during the seventh-inning-stretch and this truly horrible campaign for MasterCard's Master Pass (that eliminates the time consuming, emotional drain that is putting in your information while buying stuff on the Internet (we all gasp in collective horror)). Don't even get me started on the Apple stuff - if you really want to pretend Apple is still the world's leader and household presumptive in overpriced consumer electronics you have to ask why they spend SO MUCH on advertising.

The good news is that the World Series is now over (congrats to the Kansas City Royals and all your ships at sea) and the Wildcats are having a truly horrible season and . . . well . . . there is NO WAY I'm ever, ever, ever going to watch an NFL game as a token of affection (it is bad enough when we're trapped with her family of football lovers and I do it as an act of unity).

Enjoy your crappy commercials, cable subscribers. And congrats on another great season, Royals fans.