Socks . . .

You know those awkward Dos Equis commercials with the handsome, charming, "World's Most Interesting" man in them? You know the one where he says "I don't often drink beer - but when I do, I drink Dos Equis"? I'm sorta like that only I don't drink at all and I'm more likely to say "I don't always wear socks - but when I do, they have some personality."

The truth is that I just hate wearing socks. When I was a kid they would make my feet sweat sooooooo much that my feet would dry out and crack and bleed. So I went about eight years without wearing them at all other than when wearing sneakers and/or attending events that required socks (which - to this day I still believe (despite wearing socks on the semi-regular) - are summed and totaled at 1) job interviews 2) funerals 3) weddings not on a beach 4) court appearances and 5) working out/gym class). I've learned, in time, to love socks and now I would dare say they are the only part of my wardrobe that is not on the boring/preppy side of normcore are my socks.

Where do I get my socks? A handful of places/companies . . .

  1. Nice Laundry - Nice subscription service that also offers a la carte purchases.
  2. Happy Socks - Easily the happiest of the brands but sometimes a little TOO much color.
  3. Unsimply Stitched - A favorite for randomness. I feel NO pressure to match these socks.
  4. Mack Weldon - Very comfortable/cushiony on the bottom of the foot. 
  5. Foot Cardigan - Cheap subscription packs and fun. I just ordered my first pair. 
  6. Stafford / JC Penney - I've gotta give some love to JCP. Stafford has a good mix of boring and fun but stick with the cotton/cotton blend. Synthetics are the enemy of foot health.
  7. Ashi Dashi - The most "novel" I get. But if you are wearing pants and shoes - they look more subtle than they do in the raw.
  8. Brooks Brothers - Remember the five times you HAVE to wear socks? Have these socks (that are actually affordable on clearance and/or for a splurge) ready to go.

Wrap 'em up, fellas. It is a scary world out there.