Drunk and Disgraceful . . .

As you may or may not have heard (and I hope you have "not") there was an incident in Storrs, CT on Sunday that has me more than a little upset.

Let me explain . . . there is this young adult (no, no - we shan't join the masses to call him a "kid") who was, despite being underage, drinking from an open container in one of the University of Connecticut's dining halls and decided he absolutely NEEDED some bacon, jalapeno mac and cheese. And he was not to be denied.

Well - or so he insisted. You see young Luke Gatti, already having two public disorderly arrests (within two weeks of each other) in his barely-started adult life . . . one of which even came with using the "n-word" to describe a cop that was, otherwise, just minding his own business (which is keeping the public safe/protecting and serving) chose the wrong group of honest, hard working food service employees stuck on a college campus that is full of, on average, obnoxious kids from one of the richest states in the union.

The manager and staff of the "Union Street Market" (as was mocked by the aforementioned drunk, hungry twat) were the very model of adult and maturity despite being physically assaulted, mocked, dismissed with homophobic slurs, goaded, spat at, and generally disrespected by a self-entitled buffoon so "wrong" he wore socks and sandals at the same time.

The video below - about nine minutes long - starts mid-disrespect and ends in the most splendid fashion imaginable. Check it out if you are inclined (warning, profanity abounds):

Here's the thing. The fella plays his hand by bursting into tears (or at least hard-whimpering) the minute the police move to cuff him and, in doing so, shows just how unready to disrespect the world around him he really is but the larger issue is that there are really people - lots of them (including some who actually defend the twat) who think this is just a kid on campus enjoying his teen years.

Let me repeat . . . people think this kid is okay. And I'm sure his parents - for the third time in a year-ish - drove to the station and bailed their little drunk out and now they have to deal with whatever is next (likely expulsion from, perhaps (if I'm reading correctly) his second prestigious New England school in as many years).

I am, as I may have mentioned, a parent. This story makes me nuts because it is a reminder that once they leave your "nest" they are on their own, by and large. Now my child is not a twat. She's never behaved as one and doesn't seem to be heading down that path and I can honestly tell you that if she gets arrested for calling a cop an "n-word" I'm not rushing down to the station to bail her out but you have to, as a parent, think about these things - at least in passing.

I was lucky. I was drunk and disorderly on a college campus (just down the road from UConn) in an age before cell phones and I was never physically aggressive nor prone to racial slurs but drunk, in public, and looking for some grub? YEP. I just never had to worry about my parents having to see the video of it on YouTube. I never had to worry about a "Google" of my name netting the video for, in theory, the rest of my life.

But I have to worry about being the parent of a kid that does and might. It is a reminder to keep your kid focused and respectful and, for lack of any other success, savvy enough to not drink from an open container in the student union.