Cross Trainers . . .

Now that my half-marathon days are otherwise behind me, it is time to get more serious about getting more overall fit and dedicated to my body and physical presence. I don't want perfect, dancing pecks, I have no interest in model-quality calves, I don't aspire to bi- and triceps so bulking that shirt sleeves wince at the very thought of having to accommodate them.

But I would like to be less fat, more toned, and less boobilicious in photos. Add the fact that I'll be 40 in the near future and it is time to become a gym rat. No. Not that. It is just . . . time.

So now I find myself spending allllllllllllllllll the hours not otherwise spoken for by work, temple, child, beloved, errands, and eating all the food to trying to figure out a routine that will help me get more fit without pitching fits at the effort and time it will take.

So it turns out that cross training and CrossFit is a real, real thing (with a real, real bad website). And it turns out that to get serious about exercise without running shoes or laps in pools you have to get serious about spending money on all this stuff including shoes that are specifically and specially designed to not help you with any special type of sport. What are these wonderful things called? Training shoes.

So, eleven or twelve hours of research and a trip to a local super store (I'll buy locally/small if I can) to try on a few pair - I've got five finalists for the shoes that will eventually catch the sweat that runs down my long, rotund body.

Asics GEL-Intensity 3 
I didn't realize Asics made anything but running and wrestling shoes until I started my research. Turns out these shoes are not only super comfortable and supportive but good for all sort of exercise. But, ugh, red.
New Balance 813v3 
Ah. Much better. Some grey goodness and New Balance (a long-time favorite and my most recent runners). Great reviews for these shoes and good cushioning for this body.

New Balance Fresh Foam 80v2
I'm reading "good" and "bad" things about the NB foam line - my biggest concern is if it is good for fat men. But reviews are positive and the newer version (the v2) seems an improvement over the first draft of the cross trainer.
Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0
These shoes are ugly. BUTT ugly. But they are apparently the default cross trainer these days and that has to be pondered and considered. They apparently don't have the best cushioning but are otherwise versatile and priced right.

Adidas adipure 360.3
I've never really even thought about Adidas shoes before. Not sure how or why but I've not but these shoes have some really great reviews including from bigger guys who are also just trying to find some love in the gym. These are strong contenders.

Any of you do the cross fitness thing? Any one have any thoughts on sneakers and shoes that I can or should look at as alternatives? I'm open to suggestions and appreciate the direction.