Clarifying . . .

Dear World Health Organization -

Bacon (and its cousins ham, pork, and sausage - for that matter) is NOT red meat. It might well cause cancer, early death, and general misery. I may not eat it for religious reasons (I've, frankly, never really fallen under its spell so I don't miss it). It may not be in any way good for the human body or offer anything positive for you. But it is not - is NOT - red meat.

While some swine cuts might appear "red" to the naked eye before and after cooking (the presumed clarifier between "white" and "red" meat) it has too low of a myoglobin (an oxygen-binding protein that allows blood and blood products to be retained in the muscle of certain animals) count to actually be red from a nutritional perspective.


The Pork Lobby

PS - I'm back to considering a vegetarian diet for a while. Just to see what happens.