Another Mass Shooting . . .

This. Just this. I've got nothing more to say on this other than I'm tired of people dying while trying to just live their lives . . . go to class, see a movie, shop, whatever. We can do better. We must do better. We must do SOMETHING.

And lest you think we put gun violence in the right context imagine if we put the money, time, energy, resources, and constant hand wringing behind mass gun violence that we do behind terrorism.

I have a daughter. She goes to school. She goes to movies. SLF and I go to work. We go to movies. We grocery shop. We both go to our houses of worship. We all go to dinner. We run errands. We might eventually be caught up in this. You might. Your friends or family or sixth degree of separation. Statistically, they already have.

Let's mourn the dead. Let's sympathize with those who lost someone. Let's - far more importantly - put our collective energy into seeing if we can figure out how to never have to extend that empathy, sympathy, and love ever again. Let's end this crisis.