The Conun-Trump . . .

MUCH has been said, written, cried over, prayed over, and otherwise devoted and dedicated the the "Trump Candidacy" and the "surprise" of Trump's success in the early, early, early (almost premature) goings of the 2016 campaign for President of These United States.

While I won't flinch in saying that my first love (after the things that are actually keeping my weak heart and dark mind afloat and going toward the light) is politics, I don't pretend to really be a true expert - particularly at figuring out how various candidates do and do not appeal. But I have to admit here (someone braggartly) that I have this Trump "thing" figured out. And I don't like my conclusion.

Here's the thing - the experts are saying and I agree (because they are experts and that is what we do) that Trump's popularity, at its core, comes from three things/places/motivators.

  1. He is believed to be genuine, blunt, and brutally honest - even when unpopular.
  2. He is a self-made man who is rich beyond your wildest dreams because of hard work.
  3. He speaks to the older-than-our-country-itself mindset that we "might as well kick all the bums out and get some fresh ideas in 'there'."
But, in reality, all three of these reasons are flawed and, I'm sorry to say those millions of you that (allegedly) support Mr. Trump - essentially untrue or unsustainable. 
  1. Donald Trump is a sexist, small-minded, racist, who says things that are directly inflammatory and inciteful for the sake of attention. That is the definition of "popular" and everything genuine and honest is not. I guest blunt and brutal - two adjectives no one since Genghis Khan has aspired to - are still in the mix. 
  2. Donald Trump is rich because his father was rich and he's used the laws and rules and financial loopholes of our proverbial system to protect his limited assets. He is, at his wealth's core, no better than those "bastard" bankers that we wanted to round up and castrate when they gave us those mortgages we could not afford for the houses we didn't need in the neighborhoods out of our reach a few years ago.
  3. He is, by his own admission, a serial and long-time political donor to everyone and every party and he requires their favors and favoritism in his dealings and desires because of it. He is not the insider but he is the exact cliche of why the "Beltway Insider" is so loathed. He is proof that our politics are flawed and our politicians, largely, for rent/sale. He would not make a difference. He would want the same buy-outs and kick-backs and make the same bows and gives in exchange.
Now. I know . . . I know . . . that's all BS and it is the liberal, hateful, small-minded loser in me that is attacking poor Donny Trump. No. It is not. 

I can see the conundrum. I can see why people are drawn to him. I feel the frustration. I straight up hate our Governor in a way usually reserved for vegetables and teeth brushing among small children. I get it.

I am all for the NOTION that we need new ideas in power. I'm fully in favor of people looking for alternatives to the status quo in DC. I love when politicians and candidates talk about things that aren't popular or easy. I like when our elected officials don't fall from the cookie cutter onto the buttered tray of their party and their donors. 

I'm just not for the distraction and chaos that has lead to so much disgust for all politicians and candidates in 2016. I'm not for people having to stoop down and throw mud to get attention in the discussion. I'm not in favor of people chasing the attention and adoration of the populus instead of presenting ideas that people gravitate to.

Luckily . . . I have Bernie Sanders