I'm Sorry . . .

The "I'm Sorry" tour continues. SO far . . . mediocre results. I don't expect everyone to just glob on to this but to not even respond to me is something I didn't see coming. I accept this, though. I understand.

I digress.

Sure, sure . . . this is a sin but I thought - for some relief - I would list out some folks I wish were preparing for their HHDs and the atonement that comes with them. I'm not saying they owe ME an apology - that is not at all okay for me to declare - but I'm saying they owe someone or someoneS an apology.

Let's roll.

1) Your Mom. She knows why.

2) GH Bass & Co. We ALL want these shoes in all the colors but, you know, budget and need state. Can't justify the indulgence . . . or can we?

3) Donald Trump. You're a sexist, a sizeist, a bigot, a bully, a racist, a hypocrite, and a megalomaniac. None of these things are okay. A simple "I'm sorry" and will try to be better and more "of" the people I'd like to lead should be manageable and should "suffice."

4) Terry Gilliam for being way, way funnier in life than his obituary positions him in death.

5) Kim Davis critics who make it "personal." In reality she did very little harm. Is she a homophobe? Yes. Is she embarrassing to us all? Yep. But that doesn't make her fodder for our personal attacks.

6) Josh Duggar. An actual criminal and a bad husband and father. I am not judging his actions, I'm judging the way he carried himself in the throws of all. those. actions. Not okay, bucko.

7) You know who owes us ALL an apology? The "boy" (middle aged man) band Blue for this version of "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word." I mean LOOK at Elton John's body language ALONE? He's in actual pain . . . and "featured" on his own song. NOT okay, fellas.

8) KU Fans and anyone else who pretended to be offended by some class-A marching band formation-gone-sloppy. Seriously, though, who among you needs an apology so badly? Apologize for pretending to need any apology. 

9) The bastard(s) in Philadelphia that destroyed hitchBOT.

10) This woman. For actually impeding refuges (fleeing horrible conditions and trying to make their way across Europe - a country that knows a little about liberation from threats) by tripping and kicking them. 

We'll wait, people. We'll wait.