Vacation . . .

So we left our house on Thursday afternoon (7/30) and got home on Sunday afternoon (8/9). For the eleven days in the middle, we were on vacation. I don't do "vacation" well. Yet - I have to admit - this was an amazing trip.

I don't toss the word "amazing" around lightly. Sure, sure . . . I'll declare a batch of hummus "amazing" and I will declare a book or TV show "amazing" but I am a dark, cloudy soul and I don't enjoy much that life has to offer (save pureed beans and pop culture) but it would be disingenuous of me to not acknowledge here that I had an AMAZING trip. 

Here, in simple list form (and no particular order) are my ten favorite moments/things from the trip (there were many, many more).
  1. My first Southwest flight. We got to the airport at 4:10 AM CT on a Sunday morning. The airline gave me nothing more than that to complain about. It is cliche but I'm now one of their evangelists. Eat it, American Airlines.
  2. I got to see two young people who love each other very, very much stand in front of family, friends, and G-d and exchange marital vows. That gets me every time. EVERY time.
  3. I walked and ran my hometown for the first time in the 30 years I've known the town (I was nine when we moved there) and I can tell you it is smaller than I remembered. Not figuratively - but literally. Main street is about a half-mile long. In my head . . . at LEAST a mile.
  4. We saw an amazing sunset over Cayuga Lake and felt small in the context of it.
  5. I got to spend about a week bopping around my "old stomping grounds" with the two most important people in my life.  
  6. I spent time with my entire family and SLF's entire family. These are the 23 most important people in our lives and they are all better and brighter than I deserve and they are all way better and way brighter in person than they are via digital or phone interaction. 
  7. My entire family has now met SLF and they, as I suspected knew they might would, like adore her.
  8. I found Yahweh. You just have to go to Lewisburg, PA and turn left. Of course this would be WAY cooler if this encampment was not a group of Messianic Jews (which I'm very confused and put out by - they believe that all Jews should be returned to Israel so they can be killed so that Jesus will come, again . . . ish).
  9. I ate at Ithaca Bakery. Twice. In 24 hours. And I had Sweet CORNell ice cream. And we went to Footie's Freez. And we had some of my mother's raspberry freezer jam. Dinner at Friendly's. We had Matchbox. We had Potbelly. Pizza and mozzy sticks at Pontillo's. There was lunch at Dinosaur Barbecue. And . . . well . . . we ate some good stuff on the trip.
  10. SLF and I got a date night and spent it in the shadows of the Capitol, the White House, the National Mall, and other places I loved in my DC days.
Do yourself a favor, fellow work-a-holics. Pack up the things and people you love and go see other people and things you love. It is AMAZING.