Fourth Grader . . .

It is hard to believe but I have a fourth grader living in my house. Yesterday was her first day of school and she gave her teacher and emphatic "thumbs across" (apparently she loves dogs and clog dancing but took away recess time because some kids were talking).

More important than her neutral review of a woman she's only known/toiled under for seven hours of her life - she was really excited to be back in school and seems thrilled to be a fourth grader.

I've mentioned before that fourth grade was my LEAST favorite year of school. I didn't like that we moved. I didn't like my teacher. I didn't like any of my classmates (they were new - we all wound out friends). I didn't like anything about the whole thing.

The kid is already off to a better start. I knew I didn't like my teacher before the year ever even started. There was nothing "neutral" about my review of her and it only got worse from there.

I like that my kid has her own perspectives and opinions and likes and dislikes. I like that she's comfortable enough to give a mixed review to someone. I like that she's my kid. I like that she's her own person. I like that she likes fourth grade.