For the Sake of Arguing . . .

I had after-dinner drinks on Tuesday with one of my favorite people here in Wichita. I won't name-names (as is my custom) but he's a bright, engaging, thoughtful thinker and I always enjoy chatting with him even if only for a few minutes and casually.

But this was not a few minutes or casual and we talked, for almost two hours, about one of the three things you're "never" supposed to talk about . . . G-d/religion.

My friend, it turns out, was a religion major in college and has a long, complicated, and fascinating past with religion and faith as does his wife and two sons. But none of that is relevant here . . .

What is relevant is that, as he and I were chatting and I was sucking down Diet Pepsi like an actual fiend, I realized something: I'm way, way less likely to argue and fight than I used to be. NOT that he was looking for a fight. I arrived at this at an odd moment. We were actually agreeing how silly it is when people get so dug in on their beliefs - or lack of - that they fight over something that really doesn't matter (disclaimer - if your faith/religion motivates other actions having nothing to do with a relationship with G-d it becomes relevant again) and I realized, mid sip, that I used to totally be that guy.

NOT about religion or faith. I've always been live and let live unless it is complaining about those pain-in-the-ass CAPITAL C "CHRISTIANS" that have to save your eternal soul or just be annoying about how G-d fearing they are and/or any other form of religious extremism (Jews included). Nope. About ANYTHING.

You like Mounds over Almond Joy? You're an idiot. You enjoy Harry Potter movies? Wait until puberty hits and/or I'm sorry your childhood was marred by a family member. You adore Steve Jobs and honestly believe he invented ANYTHING or did ANYTHING good EVER? Eat an actual male genital. You need Twitter and Facebook and your connections on it to feel validated? Get a hug and/or some help. And I would all but demand the person argued back. I wanted it. I needed it. I argued for the sake of arguing. Sad, really.

That was me for a long, long time (and probably up until about a year ago, frankly).

I'm not sure what has changed or why. I still RAGE OUT for 75 - 90 minutes over all of the above and way, way less important crap but not AT the person. Nope. I just do that at SLF and/or whomever happens to ask me how my day was.

It might be maturity. It might be exhaustion. It might be confidence and comfort in me finally setting in as a head toward 40. Hard to say but I like it. I like it a LOT. And I hope the rest of the world does, too. Have your favorable opinions on the Kardashians and Donald Trump, people - I won't argue anymore no matter how much I might disagree.