False Regret . . .

No. Not tears of remorse. Tears of joy over getting a yellow jacket and a
place in Canton, Ohio in the NFL Hall of Fame.
You may (or may not - and if NOT, BLESS YOU, good people) have heard about NFL alumni/Hall of Famer Cris Carter and a presentation he made (while sitting alongside NFL veteran, Hall of Famer Warren Sapp - himself twice arrested (once for domestic abuse, once for soliciting a prostitute) to NFL rookies on how to avoid trouble.

While it is actually laughable that the NFL pretends to care about these issues, they "do" and they force incoming NFL players to participate so that guys that have been through the proverbial fire can give real tips and advice on coping with the pressures of the league. I know, I know, I know. How fantastically rich that a league that punishes players more for soft balls on the field than hard punches on the jaws of their spouses wants to be proactive in helping their players be model citizens.

Anywho - here is the rub . . . Carter advises these young players to establish a "fall guy" that will take the jail time if drinking or other criminal activity catches up with the player and his "crew." He even jokes about that they will do it because they are sucking at the teet of the player and that they will do it for the huge cash payout the player will give them to keep them and their reputation clean.

The BEST part of this lunacy and absurdity is - for over a year - the video was available on the NFL's own website. You can watch the "highlights" of the discussion (the NFL has since deleted the video from their site, I'm SHOCKED to report) here.

What lead to the removal? A player who was highly coveted and recruited and then spent one year in the league and retired . . . because of concerns for long-term health concerns about playing in the league mentioned the presentation in an interview. It seems he was so uncomfortable in a room where two "Legends of the Game" were behaving in unacceptable ways that he wanted to leave.

But here is the BEST part since the story broke a few days ago - more disingenuous crap from the NFL and Hall of Famer Carter and the league that admonished him.

Here is the league's response:

"We completely disagree with Cris's remarks and we have made that extremely clear to him. Those views were entirely his own and do not reflect our company's point of view in any way."

Oh - but don't worry - they had invited Mr. Carter back to speak at another symposium since and they left the video on their site for over a year. A strong, strong disconnect from the sort of disappointment I might show in similar positions.

Here is Cris Carter's blather (via Twitter, I'd like to point out):

Wow, Cris. Strong sense of self there, buddy. But in the video he seems very proud of himself and his advice. He seems very sure in his positions. He seems very comfortable. But, yeah, in a world of "Hashtags and Re-Tweets" (S. Carter) he is going to get by on that. 

Look. I hate the NFL. It is a league that is literally profiting off men hurting their bodies and minds and shorten their own lives and reducing the quality of them for - on average - very little actual compensation. It is a group that protects and empowers domestic abusers, gun brandishers, drunk drivers, rapists, statutory rapists, deadbeat parents, and overall bad people (among thousands of men who do their job and act like we would expect any adult to act). This group still, miraculously, is adored by millions and millions of people every Sunday and year-round. They have it all - the money, the adoration, the untouchability. And "we" cheer for them. We enjoy the hypocrisy of men telling other men to get a "fall guy" at a place designed for them to learn their real responsibilities. We let a league distance themselves from statements in a hotel ballroom while protecting others who punch the actual breathe out of their future wives. We enjoy men shorten and degrading their own lives for our entertainment (unless they drop a pass - then we boo them). We love the false regret because "we" have no regrets about loving it to begin with.