Advice for Me . . .

I am thoroughly bummed out by the last 24-or-so-hours.

Two people were shot and killed on live TV and the world wants to watch video of their murder from BOTH angles. Their murderer, for the record, ended out just killing himself anyway (making me AGAIN wonder aloud why the homicides first). A guy was sentenced to return to jail for failing a drug test and choose to kill himself - in the courtroom - instead. A double homicide took place at a convenience store. That was just the murder part of the day. Headlines were full of rapes and racism and hate speech and divisiveness. A baby panda even died at a friggin' zoo.

So here's my post for the day. Simple advice from me - to me (and you're welcome to take it, too).

Keep perspective.

The world lost six good people and a murderer too cowardly to face justice for what he did yesterday. But it also lost thousands of people in other, less-violent ways. Surrounded (in theory) by those who love them. Moreover it gained thousands of people born surrounded (in theory) by those who will love them. ALL those loses are horribly tragic and sad and can and should and will be mourned. But they didn't happen to or in front of you.

It happened yesterday. It will happen today. It will happen, again, tomorrow. It will happen until - eventually - you and those you love are in the count of those who go. Just hope that you're in the latter camp . . . surrounded by love and at peace. And "peace" means not too freaked out by how deadly things seem to be on random Tuesdays in August.

In the meantime - something that made me smile and cry (the good tears) at day's end. Good advice for anyone, at any age.