2015 Objectives (Update 7) ...

"They" say that if you want to reach your goals - you should share them and your progress. Soooooo . . .

  1. Read 24 (or more) books (for ME - reading with my daughter doesn't count). 13.8 finished. I'm behind on pace but confident. My July reads made me happy and August should get me back on track.
  2. Run 10 miles/week (on average). Yes. That is 520 miles (or more) in 2015. 16 miles/week (522 total miles - I missed some runs the last week-or-so in July. There is something going on with my feet, ankles, and shins. I'm back now, though.)
  3. Finish a half marathon in under three hours (as many tries at it takes). Next chance at this will likely be October 11th. I may get another one on the calendar for later in October, too. Just in case. I've also got two 5Ks and a 10K scheduled for the fall, too. 
  4. Lose 100 Pounds. That's right. Get. Less. Fat. I'm not doing well on weight loss. Long story - short version is that I love food and it loves me. Just ask it. Or check its Facebook relationship status.
  5. Reduce wasteful spending by 10% (this is actually more about not growing my spending - I'm pretty friggin' frugal now). Reduced overall spending by 28% year-to-date. I'm calling this one a victory. 
  6. Increase savings contributions by 12.5% (I've been pretty minimal on this one lately - time to grow my future). Updated 401K, IRA, 529, Investments, and Insurance products by 113%.
  7. Earn college credits (I'm going back to school, one way or another, in 2015). I have an application in at WSU. We'll see if they accept me. Still working on this one.
  8. Reduce social media time by 25% (10 minutes/day or less). Logging an average of just under five minutes/day (not including blogging, or efforts for work and/or my congregation). I am going to make this one work.
  9. General Nutrition. I'm starting this one. Still not sure how I'm going to quantify or track it but I'm looking at recipes and looking around at various food and options that make me happy and that can help me be more healthy. 
  10. Food Diversity. I enjoyed some soy, some nut/legume proteins, and more egg whites in July. I'm also doing more fruits and vegetables, too. And I loathe fruits and vegetables.