The Black Bird (Cocktail) . . .

This is a black - space - bird vs. a blackbird.
On my first New Year's Eve here in Wichita we had a dinner party that involved several courses of food, drinks between each course, and fun for everyone.

As a non-imbiber I was not directly involved with the losing of the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle but I was very proud of the cocktails and other "adult" beverages I served up to my dinner (which was, on a cuisine level amazing to say the least) companions.

Wines, beers, a shot (as an amuse bouche, for the record) and the finale to beat all finales . . . a near-frozen concoction that smelled amazing and clearly tasted as good. 

Enough with the build-up . . . the ultimate night cap for those running alongside the wagon:


3 cups fresh strawberries
3 cups fresh raspberries
3 cups fresh blueberries
1.5 cups cranberries
10 oz. pineapple juice
10 oz. brandy
12.5 oz. triple sec (Cointreau)
10 oz. lemon vodka
6 cups superfine sugar

Put everything in a bowl. Stir, gently, with a wooden spoon for a few moments. Put the bowl, covered with Saran Wrap, in the freezer for 48 hours stirring every few hours (during waking hours - no need to interrupt your precious sleep). 

When the time comes, strain the fruit from the liquids capturing the liquids in a pitcher. Put a generous scoop of the fruits in a frosted glass (martini or otherwise). Muddle, if you're that type. Pour some of the fluids over the top of the fruits (equal portions - the fluids are wonky with this recipe so I can't say how much that is per cocktail).

It sounds crazy but I serve these with a spoon. Half the fun is eating the booze-infused fruit and people get awkward about using their fingers in a cocktail glass. You might also consider having more sugar (I like cubes or this) on hand should someone find their drink unpleasurably tart (the lemon vodka, cranberries, and triple sec are sours and the brandy not always all that "sweet"). 

This recipe makes about six cocktails - give or take.