T-Word . . .

I had an amazing adventure this weekend. Someone called me the "t-word." And the person, I think, felt it would insult me as it left his mouth.

Wait . . "What is the 't-word'?" Well . . . guess.

Nope. Not "transgendered." Not "tranvestite." Not "traumatized." Not "typhical." Not any of the "t-words" that could actually carry weight or have an impact on you.

Nope. This was the "t-word" you presumed. The one that rhymes with snot. The one that might, at one point, carried actual weight and been an actual insult and then time and usage happened. The offense and pain and scorn it might inflict has dwindled down to nothing. Less than nothing. I think most people are in on that joke, right?

(PLEASE) correct me if I am wrong but I feel like NO ONE uses the not-yet-directly-mentioned "t-word" to hurt anyone in the year 2015.

You cannot hurt someone with it, folks. One syllable? And with a "w" in the word? HOW does that word even possibly hurt someone? And what has you soooo upset that the only thing you can bark out is that word? That word is laughable. It really, truly is.

Here's a few words that you can use in place of it that will carry equal weight: strumpet, numb nuts, zealot, who-ha, bum, twit, Gepetto, whozywhatsit, booger, douche canoe. Did ANY of those bring you pain or discomfort? Did any of them feel insulting in any way? No. No they did not. Okay MAYBE the last one because that is a graphic visual you can't readily shake.

So, good sir/stranger, let's stop using any of those words or the "t-word" with any weight or negative intent. And let's stop PRETENDING that when the word is hurled at us that we "feel" it or are "hurt" by it. We don't. We're not. Enough of it all.