Summer Sport Coats . . .

I like to "dress for work" four days a week. You know that old cliche "dress for the job you want - not the one you have"? I LIVE by those words (and I still have a romanticized version of what "men at the top" wear (women have different attire) that is as old as the above cliche . . . the (male) bosses at my office wear golf shirts most days - you would think they were executives at Nike or Under Armour). And I know all of the above is odd and awkward but - it is what it is.

The "core" of my work attire is sport coats, blazers, and v-neck sweaters (during December, January, February, and March), oxfords, and dress pants all above my beloved penny loafers and socks (of varying professionalism).

There is one stretch of the year . . . commonly known as Nasty-Hot-F*cked-Up-Kanas-Summer (that runs from early-May through late-April (I kid, I kid - mid-June through mid-September)) that makes the idea of putting on a jacket to roll out to the office is less, um, desirable. Yet - I do it. Dutifully.

There are a few things I WILL change for my summer coats . . .

  • Less wool, more cotton. While it is a common MIS-perception that wool is "hot" (it is actually highly breathable) it is heavier than cotton and that makes me pissy.
  • Lighter colors. I don't like my body - at ALL - and I don't like it in whites and other colors that make me look my true size so navies, greys, browns, etc. are common year-round but the summer will find me in lighter colors and fabric weights.
  • I wear two-button coats 80% of the time. During the summer - those buttons are useless. I am NOT closing up shop in the heat.
  • Patterns get even more common. The ONLY one-color coats I own are navy blue blazers (which is redundant because ALL blazers are navy blue). Every other coat in my arsenal has at least a "tick" or "weave" in it to keep it interesting. I'll wear straight-up plaids and vivid patters during the warmer, longer days. Because. I. Can.

Sure, sure . . . on Fridays, I'll wear a golf shirt or a crew-neck sweater. I might wear just an oxford button down or whatever. That is 52 days a year. The other 208 I dress for WORK! That doesn't mean I have to suffer.