Soy . . .

SLF and I have been talking a LOT lately about our diet and fitness regimes. Suffice it to say we are both in less-than-ideal physical shape and we'd like to become something a little more ideal. We don't want bikini bodies (I'll rock a Speedo now, if I damn-well-please) and we don't really care about what the fashion industry tries to force feed us in print ads and other representations of physical beauty (or, um, whatever) but we just wanna feel better, live longer, etc.

Anywho - one of the things I've long wondered (and openly opined about on this blog and in other forums) is if I could benefit from a more veggie-focused diet.

No. I don't think "meat" is the enemy and I don't think there is some holy grail to a better diet in removing meat (Oreo cookies and Fritos are both meat-free and I've known this my whollllle life). I am also not so naive as to think that more veggies and less flesh-of-the-lesser-bricks-on-the-food-pyramid. What I am SMART and EXPERIENCED enough to know is that sometimes the best way to improve your diet is to reboot your diet.

So - here we go - a public declaration (and the addition of another quantifiable objective for the balance of the year). I'm going to reduce my intake of meat (fish is not meat in the eyes of my Jewish G-d so that's good enough for me to continue to eat it) by 75% while upping my protein intake by 33% and cutting overall calories by 25% and upping my food diversity by at least 50% (No. To answer your mental quandary . . . I have no idea how I'm going to track that).

But here's the key to this whole adventure . . . Soy. Soy. And, uh, Soy.

I've LONG loved soy (and the fact that it has no real taste of its own and that it can be served in about 100 different textures and forms and folded in to just about anything) and I eat a fair amount of it now but I'm going to do more with it.

We (she doesn't know this yet but SLF is totally on board for this) are going to start meal planning and using available food, menu, and nutrition data to track what we're putting in to our bodies and the general balance and content of those things and blah, blah, blah.

So I'm not going to become "one of those" jerks (I promise this is probably not even a long-lived thing (those who know me are already trying to stop the involuntary, backward rolling of their eyes) who just talks and talks about food and fitness on this blog but I WILL - from time to time (about as frequently as I might talk about running and other fitness) talk about food and what we're stuffing in our proverbial pie holes.

In the meantime - if you're a soy, egg, fish, or "alternative" protein lover . . . share any thoughts or suggestions you might have. I welcome them ALL.