Primitive Girl . . .

The word "primitive" (approximately) means something that is early in its development or evolution. The word can also mean it is not something "from" anything else (it is original).

A few examples? A sharp rock is primitive, a weigh-balanced steak knife is evolved. Smoking a corncob pipe is primitive. Smoking a peach-flavored/scented vapor eCigarette is f*cking obnoxious.

Now that we've set a base-line for primitive . . . let's discuss one of my favorite songs of the moment - "Primitive Girl" by Matthew "M." Ward. Ward, for the unacquainted, is a very talented singer songwriter from Portland, Oregon. He has done a lot of solo work and collaborations like She & Him (I like the wispy nature of it and haven't heard Zooey Deschanel sing so well since her shower scene in "Elf") and Monsters of Folk (with my beloved Jim James from My Morning Jacket and a few other talented folks) behind him.

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah, this song that is in my head . . .

"Primitive Girl" is a driving little song that showcases a girl that has caught the eye and affection of the first-person narrator of the song (perhaps Ward himself - why not?). Our vocalist is smitten with this girl but he is unsure if he's a match. Sure, sure, he would like to think that he's equally "primitive" (he's using the word, I think, in the unrefined/as originally intended sense - he notes she is "natural" from head to toe but he is no way demeaning of that version of woman. There is some indication that he might mean the word otherwise - he gives a nod to her intelligence (she responds to inquiries about her "doing" with the word "well" (vs. "good")). Most importantly, he seems to think that she is ahead of him for being so behind (if that makes sense) - he never even so much as compares/contrasts her with other women - but this song is not about "them" is sit?

This is not the first time I've been obsessed with "Primitive Girl". I loved it at its release in 2012. It made me realize maybe some of the women in my past were not been very "primitive" in their approach, etc. It also made me think of how much simpler it might be to be "primitive" in a relationship. To sample lyrics from the song . . . "cut to the chase" and to "say 'it' yourself" and to be exactly who you are without a need to "boast" and to know the difference between what you "need" and what you "want" and to be blunt and direct about that.

Our primitive forefathers/mothers may have had horrible personal hygiene and they may not have ever used songs by artists from Portland, Oregon to woo each other but primitive (wo)man was probably far more honest about the need for fire, shelter, food, and love. They were probably more "present" with and for each other (if only out of fear of the dinosaurs (yes, I'm aware the two never co-existed)). They probably found the simplicity of their dynamic far more intimate and comforting.

Primitive people then - like primitive girls now - probably freed each other and those who were lucky enough to find a woman that has a "lot" to offer . . . "what 'they' call THE MOST" no less.