Packing . . .

I'm 39 years sold. I am estimating I've been on (not including sleep-overs as a kid) one hundred different trips in my life.

That means I've packed at least one hundred times and every time. Every. Time I've screwed it up.

I'm that classic buffoon that significantly overpacks the first time and then overcorrects and tragically underpacks the next time and I always take 300 power adapters but never the ONE that I need and I always forget the belt that matches the shoes so I'm just constantly trying to figure out how anyone packs or real and pulls it off.

I'll admit that I'm getting better. I took exactly one pair of underpants for every day of my last trip. I had a toothbrush AND toothpaste when I unpacked in the hotel. There was no issue with socks and shoes. There were enough sport coats and running clothes to keep everything moving forward. Of course I had to wear the same oxford shirt every day of the jaunt and I am still not sure exactly when I decided one pair of navy blue penny loafers would work for work and casual stuff. Alas . . . here we are.

So now I'm packing for a vacation that includes a wedding weekend and a random week of schlepping around the northeast United States. I'm sure it will be fine. Can I use flip flops for an eight mile run?