Independence . . .

I read this amazing article this morning. It is long (sorry, ye of little attention span) and it is not shy or timid about making a point . . . we are all our own people. We are a nation that defies the expectation and traditional definition of what "a people" and "a country" might imply.

As we start a three-day-weekend. As we ready to celebrate the anniversary (which, I'd like to point out was actually yesterday (July 2nd)) of our "forefathers" telling The King to suck it. As we ready for time with friends, family, and the fireworks stand. As we do all this let's remember (as the piece states):

"The challenge, for Americans new and old, is to make a common culture that's greater than the sum of our increasingly diverse parts."

This has been a crazy few weeks for our diverse nation. The central thrust of it is that we are becoming increasingly empowered to be our own people. We're more and more allowed to be, well, independent. This is not a bad thing.

Be excellent to each other.