Happy Ninth Birthday . . .

My daughter woke up this morning a nine-year-old. Technically she won't be a full "nine" until 4:02 PM CT this afternoon but - you can explain to her why she can't be on cloud-f*ckin-nine at 6:20 AM CT. To say that my kid's birthday is emotional for me is obvious and trite and cliche. She's the greatest (in terms of quality, quantity, challenge, joy, reward, cost, etc.) that has ever happened to me and I am more than happy to let her have "her day" alllllll day once  year.

That being said - there is a a heaping-handful of things that I'd like to admit here, on the occasion of her formal childhood reaching its half-way point that drive me truly nuts. I loathe them. I am anxious and excited for them to stop. Without additional adieu . . .

  1. "Fear" of the Dark. The kid cannot even walk through a room without turning on a light. And I meant this at 9:30 PM or 3:30 PM. Sun doesn't count. Must. Burn. Electricity.
  2. Ignoring Her Chompers. How can someone "forget" to brush their teeth every morning and every evening. I can forget your name, your birthday, and your favorite color. I can't forget that my mouth feels and likely smells like garbage in the morning and the last thing I want to do each night is take all the garbage I all day off my teeth.
  3. Never Picking Up Anything. Ever. No need to clarify or elaborate. 
  4. Up-Talking. Yes. I said it. I'll say it again. I'm absolutely, positively "policing" my daughter's voice. I'll keep on doing it. She shan't grow up an up-talker. 
  5. Apathetic and Disconnected. She's too apathetic about too much stuff. I don't want her to be obsessed with every. little. thing. I just wish she was a little more engaged with a few more things. 
  6. Inconsistent. I am not sure if her favorite color is pink or purple. She is not either. I know she'll grow out of this but . . . I'm anxious for it to happen sooner vs. later.
  7. Country Music. She loves it. Which makes me kuh-raaaaayyyyy-zee. 
  8. YouTube. She will watch hours and hours of other people playing video games, working on Minecraft, or opening "stuff" but she won't play those games, work in Minecraft, or open/play with "stuff". Generational shift is hard.
  9. Made Up Words. She's getting much, much better about it but we still hear the occasional "imputereteded" without a hint of hesitation.
  10. Prince and Michael Jackson. She really, truly, honestly believes them to be the same people. In sound, voice, impact, and persona. Let's be clear - Prince > Michael Jackson. Yeah. I said it. Because it is true. 

I love you, kid. I wish you 103 more birthdays and all the joy and happiness they can bring you. Thank you for being the best thing that's ever happened to me. I promise to always let you be the only person and thing on that list.