Family Photos . . .

In eight short days, I'm going to a wedding. Not just any wedding. No-no. THE wedding of 2015. Special Lady Friend's sister is marrying a dude named Nutter. No-no. That is NOT a nickname or a friends and family label . . . that is his last name and he is a WONDERFUL young man (I'm a huge, huge fan). His bride-to-be is lovely, too. I'm really, really excited about the wedding and the whole adventure of it (seriously - there is no joke coming).

Here's the one thing I'm NOT pleased about . . . photos. It seems that - despite not being in the wedding party (nor assigned so much as handing out programs, escorting grandmas to the restroom, or lighting half of the unity candle (the job I really wanted)) that I'm expected to be in photos. Apparently I'm part of the family (insert collective "aweeeee"). This is, of course, complete bullsh*t.

I get why people think (think - not "know" or "have logical reasons and facts on their side") wedding photos are important and they probably were - in 1862 when a wedding was the only time the whole family (the 24 year old parents and their 18 year old children - all well on their way to the grave) was together including a break from John III and Mathias laying down arms from opposite sides of The Civil War to come home for lil' Sarah's nuptials to the second-richest-man in town's son.

THEN they were important. Families had about three TOTAL photos of themselves and their family. And they all looked painful and miserable . . . like we are on the inside now.

But this is, with all due respect to lil' Sarah and Tobias Jr., 2015. I was with these people a few weeks ago and I'll, statistically, see them every few weeks for the rest of our collective time here on earth. The last time I was together I took 31 photos of these people and had my image captured four times - without anyone even trying or thinking about it. We share these photos on social media within seconds of them being snapped and they are "liked" by more people than will be at this shin-dig by the time the date on our phone changes. I can access LITERALLY 832 photos of SLF's youngest niece with a few mouse clicks. I don't NEED a family photo session.

We won't even hang these photos, realistically speaking. We'll make sure we get "copies" (and by that I mean binary approximations of them) and we'll back them up to our Google Drive account and we'll move along. No one is going to pour over them. No one is going to "oh" or "awe". Nope. This is a box to check on the ol' wedding "to-do list".

So WHY, again, are these photos of the family being taken? Why am I being included in them? Why? Why?? WHY?

Oh. That's right. Because Nutter is an amazing man. His (almost) wife is wonderful in every way. I've got a woman who loves me enough to want to have photos of us taken together. And family is a blessing that we should appreciate and have moments with captured in some way every chance we get. This holds true for the Civil War or peaceful Saturdays, 150+ years later, in the Kansas City Suburbs.