Things We Should Stop . . .

Okay so I know I JUST made a list of rageyness a few weeks ago and I know I actually humble bragged about how long it had been since I last did such a post and you were all super proud of me and I'm sure cookies were baked (but never sent because, well, you should eat those while they are still warm) and all that. Yep. Sure. GOOD ON ME!

Well, relax party people because I came up with about twenty MORE things we should stop - IMMEDIATELY - in the last week or so. Here, in no particular order (because item 21 on the list should be feeling COMPELLED to itemize, prioritize, and rank all-things-our-thoughts).

  1. Letting domestic abusers play (semi)-professional sports or enjoy fame and fortune from games in ways that somehow eclipse their personal shenanigans. No, NFL, I'm not looking at you (for ONCE) I'm looking at the (W)NBA and US Women's Soccer
  2. The spread of that tennis ball yellow/green color from just workout gear to ALL clothing. It is really, truly not okay. 
  3. Buying/using/being quiet about people buying or using "selfie sticks" and/or sharing photos on social media with the hashtag "No Filter". Because, frankly, NONE of us gives a singular second of regard to if the sunset is really "that" beautiful or if you manipulated it.
  4. Trying to make "fetch" happen.
  5. Dyeing our hair. Grow old, ladies. It is okay. Between us - we know you're doing it anyway. And men . . . you look more distinguished with salt and pepper anyway.
  6. Having children. It is exhausting, right?
  7. Shaming people for simply handling their business in public. Consenting adults, yo. Consenting. Adults.
  8. Getting one last refill in a "to-go" cup at the restaurant. ALL that plastic in the planet so you can enjoy one, last 18oz. blast of soda? Come on, folks. 
  9. Being homophobes. And deciding two women learning sign language to better communicate with their deaf, to-be-adopted daughter is somehow part of moral decay. Know what is moral decay? Letting a child stay otherwise orphaned because two loving, engaged, able parents happen to have the same plumbing.
  10. Not paying attention to our elected officials. Do you even KNOW what is (not) happening in Topeka right now?
  11. Small batch Oreos. S'mores? All these others . . . Stop it, fellow fatties.
  12. Basing opinions of ourselves or others on nothing more than appearances . . . if you're on Tinder (single or otherwise) you are an actual assh*le. Grindr is fine. That's a whole other "thing". I know, I know - but I sorta really feel that way.
  13. Having summer. It is exhausting, right?
  14. Making people look handsome/beautiful, kempt, and otherwise desirable in period pieces. Do you know how dirty, stinky, gross people were "back then"? NOTHING like Downton Abbey - I'll tell you that much. 
  15. Asking "Are you sure?". Example - I went to dinner Saturday and the bartender asked "Can I get you anything to drink while you wait for your table?" "No," I monosyllabically replied. "Water, soda, tea?" he continued? (Rolled eyes.) "Beer, wine?" "NO!" I shouted. Let's put more trust in people to know what they do and don't want.
  16. Making and wearing these. I mean . . . what ARE those?
  17. Letting this guy just resign . . . and try to calmly explain himself and his actions. 
  18. Killing people. The bad ones or the wonderful ones. I barely knew Tanya Tandoc but her soup warmed my soul and her work with KMUW made me smile.
  19. Using yearbook quotes for advocacy. Stick with the "Peace out, bitches" rhetoric that has served us so well for all of time.  
  20. Idolizing pirates. Seriously. They were jerks. The LOT of them.