The Trip East . . .

I spent 10 days "back east" . . . here is my trip in twelve photos (each is worth 1,000 words so this is really my second-longest blog post ever):

Got to the hotel at 1 AM on Saturday, STILL got up early enough to see the sunrise over our National Mall. While RUNNING.

Spent the bulk of the day with my older brother, his wife, and my niece. I was thrilled to be part of her first DC adventure. This is THE photo that ALL tourists should take. El. Oh. El.

Spent the rest of the weekend with my parents, my younger brother, his wife, and their twin sons (a.k.a my nephews).

Drove to Rockville, Maryland and saw this on the car next to me in the hotel parking garage. Sent the picture to SLF. She was equally thrilled at the Kansas presence in the Muhhhrlin-burbs.

Worked for the week from my company's Rockville office. Took ONE picture - of a shelf selling CASSETTES, VHS TAPES and (to the right) disposable cameras. I say again . . . ell, o, ell.
I took two friends to services Friday night in a beautiful sanctuary full of JOYFUL Jews (they danced, sang, laughed, etc.).
Spent the weekend with two of my best friends from college (and the nearly two decades since). 

I stayed up until almost 4 AM and still go up early enough to take a picture of the sunrise over Times Square. While RUNNING.

I spent Saturday afternoon with my college priest (remember - I was Catholic for 22 years) and one of the few things I loved about the Catholic Church. Note the pictures in the background - at 86 his home is still full of memories of the students and soldiers he knew in his "Chaplain" days.

We went for a stroll along the Hudson River. The city looks almost nice from this shot. You almost want to stay.

I spent a lazy Sunday in the park and then spent Sunday night in O'Hare. We'll always miss and love you, B.I.G.

I landed at the NEW Dwight D. Eisenhower Mid-Continent Airport at ICT at Wichita at Longest Name for an Airport Pretty Much Ever and actually got WEEPY when I saw this sign. I will pretend it was exhaustion from a long trip but, between us, I f*cking love Wichita THAT much.