Sunday Funday . . .

My beloved was at the New Kids on the Block concert a few weeks ago (yes, weeks (vs. decades)) and I, bored out of my gourd and having just read an article about how The Avengers (and all these miserable, unneeded adaptations of comic books/graphic novels) are not that bad and how we should all give them a shot, impulsively grabbed the remote and rented The Avengers (for $4).

I made it six minutes. SIX MINUTES. Sure, sure, that is way longer than I can last on some things in life but . . . oy vey. It was horrible. Some under-ground lair with an alien portal and a glowing cube and Samuel L. Jackson dropping zingers. Oy vey. I turned it off. I had to turn it off IMMEDIATELY.

I, instead, watched and REALLY enjoyed THIS!